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Over 10 years of experience
on product and packshot photography!

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A small but comprehensive photography and multimedia company.

Member of DuPho , the official association for Dutch professional photographers.

The company Salvador Pozo, photographer is a small but comprehensive photography and multimedia company. Salvador Pozo is a renowned worldwide (fashion) photographer and Peter Versnel is a specialist in brand lifting and website design.

More than ten years ago, we have specialized in Packshot or Product photography. In this way of photographing not a model but a mannequin is used. In most cases, the clothing is photographed floating : The mannequin is invisible but the garments are well filled. Lining and labels are visible.

The advantage of this way of shooting is that the costs are significantly lower, as there is no model, make-up artist, stylist, etc. required and the dress is shown neutral. You don't associate any type of person to your product.

Salvador Pozo

Salvador Pozo

Photographer / High End Image Editor

Years of experience as a fashion and product photographer and specialised in the field of packshot photography. His way of shooting makes your product sells itself . Unique lighting and attention to detail.

Peter Versnel

Peter Versnel

Web Designer / High End Image Editor

Since the founding of Salvador Pozo , photographer responsible for the communication and the final editing. Personal assistant to Salvador Pozo.

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